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McDonalds changed their god damn fries again

I don't know what lowering the trans-fatty acids has to do with my revolution of blood against all technology, but they actually don't taste that bad. I realize that in my manifesto, I talk about the need to hunt and kill game, and live off the land instead of supporting the food industry. But sometimes a quarter-pounder is good.

So since I last updated, we had a war on terror. I guess it's still going on, but I'm pretty pissed about it because all I got were some posters in the Post Office and a shitty made-for-tv movie on the Livetime network with that dork from the Airplane! movie playing my fucking brother. Meanwhile, they have a show on the news every night, plus the TV specials, the happy meal toys, the new terror scale, the airport security restrictions... I guess this Osama guy has done a lot more damage, but what has he written? I'm a talented mathematician, I've read a lot of Jospeh Contrad, and my manifesto has been published in newspapers. This guy, he only releases these shitty videotapes every once in a while, and they make as much sense as a Radiohead album or something. Get a ghost writer, you fuckwit! Talk to Judith Regan, she will set you up. I do like his beard, though. Do you like my beard?


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